Kinsta is the highest quality premium managed hosting, optimized and designed to run your WordPress site.

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform as its server infrastructure, and uses only premium tier networks.

Speaking of Google Cloud Platform, the world well-known services like, Sportify, Snapchat, Apple’s iCloud, Youtube, and Google Search are using Google Clould Platform for their servers, so as Kinsta dose.

Kinsta is designed with its Goolge Cloud as the server infrastructure, optimized for running WordPress. On top of that, Kinsta builds strong security and offers premium DNS, optimized caches and CDNs. Amoung the WordPress developers, Kinsta is always being reviewed and rated as highest quality hosting, and offenly being rated as No. 1 in the world.

Every year there is a performance contest comparing major hosting around the world, where we have been awarded the Top-Tier (highest, professional among professionals) title for the fifth consecutive year since 2014. (For details,