The True Speed of WP Hosting

At Jepista, we aim to help you find the “Right” WordPress Hosting by providing true information.

For a WordPress website, the Hosting is a vital element of the site’s foundation.

That is why me, Fukaya, the JEPISTA representitive, tries each wp hosting by himself and investigates each of the hosting performance, especially focusing on Page Loading Speed. Then, show you ACTUAL Hosting Speed completely for free.

Therefore, unlike many sites that only make irresponsible recommendations by simply pasting affiliate links, Jepista really contracts with all hosting, use them, check the speed, and eventually, show all things to you. Of course, you can see all of the Speed Test Videos.

If you utalieze this website, Jepista, you will be able to know “Which Hosting is truly fast” and “How fast is that Hosting in real expeirence” in advance. So Jepista will help you to find Right & Fast WP Hosting you really want without any failures.